Meet Dr. Rand T. Mattson

Dr. Rand T. Mattson graduated from Northwestern University Dental School, and has been in practice since 1982. He enjoys interacting and developing a relationship with each and every patient. His main concern is you and your overall health.

He has been an ADA SUCCESS lecturer since 1990. Dr. Mattson has been published for his digital radiography article in winter 2005 issue of Patterson Today (Dr. Mattson was featured on the cover), also digital radiography article in Insight Dentistry Magazine. (2006) His office has been featured in Patterson Today magazine and is currently pictured in Patterson’s equipment catalogues. Other publications include “Before Your Move – Get Moving” – January 2007 Compendium, and “Assessing Your Practice’s ‘Peel’” – February 2007 Contemporary Esthetics. He was a volunteer dentist for all the athletes at Olympic Village during the 2002 Winter Olympics. He freelance lectures on high tech office integration, digital radiography, and practice management. He is a past president of the Utah Dental Association and served as a member of ADA Council on Ethics Bylaws and Judicial Affairs.

His wife Cynthia is a CPA who works with dentists providing financial, tax, and practice management services.

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